Vinyl is a great choice for rooms that get wet

Vinyl sheet flooring comes in a large roll that is cut to size for installation. Higher quality luxury vinyl flooring is available in tiles that mimic stone and planks that mimic wood. These floor coverings resist moisture and stand up to daily wear and tear. Avita Carpet & Flooring offers a variety of flooring that will look great in your home. Westland, MI, Wayne, MI, Livonia, MI, Taylor, MI, Romulus, MI, Canton, MI, Ypsilanti, MI, Ann Arbor, MI, Garden City, MI, and Inkster, MI. Our installation pros can install any type of floor.


Vinyl flooring works well in kitchens, bathrooms, and other damp areas because it is made of plastic. Less costly sheets are about 1.5 mm thick while planks and tiles typically are about 5 mm thick. Since luxury vinyl flooring has a thicker solid core, embossing is deeper. What’s more, tiles and planks have a realistic look because of the 3D imaging technology that is used. Sheets offer limited design and installation options, and the entire sheet needs to be removed if it is damaged. In contrast, a damaged plank or tile can be easily replaced.

This floor covering, regardless of the type, is resilient, meaning it is durable and low maintenance. In addition to resisting typical wear, it is impact resistant so it will keep its shape even if a heavy object is dropped on it. Vinyl is very slip-resistant,so floors are safe to walk on. It's resistant to heat and also soundproof because of its multiple layers. The child and pet-friendly flooring is easy to clean and maintain. Since there are so many types available, you can always find a product that suits your budget.

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Vinyl flooring has several layers, and the number can differ depending on the brand. But regardless of the number, each layer is added one by one until the product is complete. The multi-layer construction is the reason that this floor covering is so durable. Layers that are usually found when comparing products are listed from top to bottom:

  • Topcoat - Shiny layer that resists damage from daily wear and tear
  • Wear layer - Protects the pattern layer
  • Pattern layer - Design and color of the sheet, plank, or tile
  • Cushion layer - Provides the texture and the function of the floor
  • Fiberglass - Gives structure and keeps the flooring flat
  • Base layer - Keeps all layers in place

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