New carpet is a wise home upgrade

If you want to upgrade bedrooms and your living room, dining room, or den, consider installing a new carpet. It feels great on your bare feet, and it makes a room warmer and quieter too. Avita Carpet & Flooring is a carpet flooring retailer and installer in Westland, Michigan. We have rolls of carpet in every color, fiber, and texture imaginable.


Wool is the top of the line carpet fiber. This durable fiber is naturally soil resistant and worth the extra cost. It can last for decades if well maintained. Wool carpet is ideal for bedrooms and formal living rooms. All the other fibers, including nylon, are synthetic. While nylon is the most common fiber now, it may be replaced in the future by Triexta. Mohawk’s SmartStrand, first available in 2009, is made of this soft fiber that does not absorb moisture. SmartStrand features a lifetime stain and soil warranty. Other synthetic fibers include:

  • Olefin - less soft than nylon; moisture and mildew resistant
  • Polyester - vibrant colors; thicker textures have a luxurious feel
  • Acrylic - mimics the look and feel of wool; moisture and mildew resistant


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Fiber twist

Look for the TPI, or turns per inch, number when comparing carpet samples. This twist number helps you judge the durability of a product. The higher the twist number, the longer you can expect the carpeting to last. Thefibers are twisted around each other 5 times if the TPI is 5. Generally, fibers have a TPI from 3.5 to 6.0. You'll only find a TPI on cut-pile samples.

Loop vs cut pile

The carpet pile is defined by the thickness and length of the fibers. Loop pile is made up of fibers that are bent in a loop and attached to their backing. Berber, also called level loop, has short, even loops. Multi-level loop fibers produce patterned textures. A cut pile is created by cutting the tips of the fiber loops. Saxony is the most popular type of cut pile. Plush cut pile, like Saxony, has an even finish and straight fibers, but its fibers are shorter. Frieze has long, curling fibers that give it a dense texture. Lastly, textured carpets have fibers that are cut at a different angle at the tips.

The staff at Avita Carpet & Flooring can give you additional information about fibers, fiber twist, carpet pile and much more. Our carpet flooring store serves Westland, MI, Wayne, MI, Livonia, MI, Taylor, MI, Romulus, MI, Canton, MI, Ypsilanti, MI, Ann Arbor, MI, Garden City, MI, and Inkster, MI. Visit our showroom in Westland or use our online form to contact us.