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What you need to know when shopping for carpet

Before you start your shopping journey for carpet floors in Canton, MI, explore your needs, style, and lifestyle. For instance, do you have extra durability issues? Do you have pets? What room is it to be installed; if it is large or small, sunny or dark? Discuss your answers with your carpet flooring retailer; the more he or she knows, the better you can be guided.

Know some basic information

There are both natural and synthetic fibers; what you decide will come down to your personal preference. The most well-known natural fiber is wool. This is durable, white, plush, and has natural oils that inherently repel dirt and soil.  

Synthetics, or man-made fibers, tend to be more stain-resistant and can also be quite soft and plush. The four most common are: nylon, the strongest; polyester, with superior inherent resistance to stains; 
olefin, budget-friendly and stain-resistant, and triexta, strong with permanent stain resistance built into the fiber.

Know some basic carpet flooring terms: Density means how closely together the fibers are tufted, and it’s often used to determine quality. Face weight indicates the amount of fiber on the surface; it’s not a good indicator of quality since many factors make a rug thick or thin. Twist. Used only for high pile rugs like the shag or frieze and refers to how many times fiber is twisted per one-inch length. The higher the number, the more durable. The number ranges from one to six but sometimes goes as high as eight. Pile means fiber height; there are long, loose fibers, like the shag or frieze or some with short, tightly woven ones like the Berber.

Textures and style

Texture comes from the style which results from a looped, cut, or twisted fiber. The most notable types are the cut and loop, where the fibers embed a pattern; Saxony, which can either be plush and velvety or patterned; high pile, like the shag; twisted like the frieze or looped like the Berber.

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