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Carpet textures: Plush, Saxony, cut-pile

The texture of your carpet can affect so much, including appearance, comfort, and durability. Understanding their characteristics can help you choose a flooring that's perfect for your home quickly and easily.

If you've never considered your texture options, we'd like to give you some detail. Read along to find out some of the most popular ones and how you can take advantage.


Available in a variety of colors, Plush carpet features a fresh, clean look that aptly combines elegance and durability that works for many families. The better constructed the whole of the rug, the longer it will last, making it very worthwhile over time.


Saxony carpet looks as soft as it feels, creating a luxurious experience for nearly any room in the home. The densely woven fibers are twisted to stand up straight and consist of a pile that is usually no more than one-half inch.


The cut-pile texture is created when a carpet fiber has been woven, or looped, through a backing material and then cut to create a tufted surface. Not the same as textured carpet, you'll find cut-pile in various lengths and with names such as plush, Saxony, or frieze.

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