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Can carpet be installed on stairs?

Carpeted stairways are often a preferred choice because they eliminate sound by softening footsteps and absorbing sound waves. Many will still use a runner, even if they install a hard surface on the stairs because the carpet floors reduce your chances of sliding and provide a soft fall if you lose balance.

People and pets run up and down all day long, so stairs get much wear, especially along the tread nosing, the front edge. Stairs are the heaviest trafficked area in the house. It’s essential to choose durable carpet flooring with good traction and is easy to clean.  Every room has its challenges and priorities, so when shopping for carpet in Westland, MI, let us help you sort it all out.

Best carpets for stairs

It needs to look good, but durability and safety are the high priority for stairs. Buy the best quality possible, as it will keep you from having to make premature replacements. Not only is there more significant impact from foot traffic, but there’s more gravity on stairs than on flat surfaces with the additional force as you go down the stairs.

Low pile rugs come in many colors and styles and are best here. The rug needs to fit around railings and provide a solid foundation for the foot, so a thicker, high pile rug that you might use for the bedroom would not be a good choice for the stairs. The stair nosing acts as a ramp for the foot with nothing underneath to support that foot. If the carpet is too thick, it will result in slips and falls.

Soil resistance

This may not seem like a top priority because the carpet is not likely to be subjected to many spills. There are, however, oils on the bottom of your feet that can leave a residue. If you prefer to go barefoot or have pets, get a carpet where the residue won’t stick to the fibers and attract dirt particles.

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