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Are engineered hardwood floors pet friendly?

Pet owners have an added requirement during their floor shopping experiences. In addition to finding something that looks great with the existing décor and protects against wear and tear, they must also find something resistant to the many ways pets can wear down a surface.

We’re going to look at the pet-friendliness of engineered wood flooring, so you’ll be better able to choose your floor covering. Read along now to find out more.

Engineered flooring has excellent characteristics

Engineered flooring
has a wealth of great options and characteristics, including added functionality in below-grade spaces. They easily stand up under damp, humid circumstances where temperatures may change rapidly and often.

They also have an excellent wear layer that helps protect against wear, such as scratches, scuffs, and water spots. And that’s why this is a better option for homeowners who also have pets in the home.

Of course, no floor covering is entirely indestructible, so eventually, they will begin to show wear, especially with pets in the home. The good news is that engineered floors allow you to sand the top real wood veneer and refinish them to like new.

Once the refinishing is done, it will retain that great appearance and protective wear layer for many more years. That means you and your pet can enjoy these floors for a long time before needing to replace them.

An engineered wood flooring retailer you can trust

Avita Carpet & Flooring has a showroom in Westland, MI, and we invite you to visit us there at your convenience. We can discuss all your requirements and preferences in detail and help you choose a perfect floor covering.

We specifically serve those located in Westland, Wayne, Livonia, Taylor, Romulus, Canton, Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, Garden City, and Inkster, MI. When you’re ready to locate your perfect pet-friendly engineered wood floors in Canton, MI, we’re prepared to help.