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What color carpet pairs well with hardwood flooring?

When you're looking for excellent carpet flooring to go along with your hardwood, you might wonder about the best possible color to pair with it. That's what we're going to discuss in a brief detail in today's post, so follow along for more information.

Carpet flooring with hardwood is a great mix

When choosing a complementary carpet floor color for your hardwood floors, the determining factor will be the color of your wood flooring. While other factors may play a role, this will be your guiding mark.

For instance, if you have woods that are light, such as grey or blonde, a dark, rich tone will be an excellent option. For dark hardwood, a light shade of natural tan or brown offers a beautiful match. However, you’ll want to stay away from patterned rugs on dark wood, as they can often create an overly busy atmosphere.

Patterned rugs or carpets can also take away from the beauty of the natural grain in your hardwood, though you can try laying the rug perpendicular to the grain. This helps create a distinction between the pattern and the grain, accentuating the attractiveness of both.

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