Engineered wood flooring in Westland, MI from Avita Carpet & Flooring

Is engineered wood natural wood?

If you’re wondering whether engineered flooring is natural wood, the answer is yes. Its construction makes it more suitable for various installations and offers different other attributes, so it’s an excellent choice for any room in your home.

Engineered wood floors are constructed in a unique way

Engineered wood floor
s differ in construction from solid wood in that the backing is made up of layers of plywood topped with a veneer of natural solid wood. This gives the flooring more stability and less opportunity for expansion and contraction, as the plywood layers are manufactured perpendicular to one another.

This unique construction means that engineered floors are a great alternative to solid wood in basement rooms. They work well even in areas prone to dampness, moisture, humidity, and temperature fluctuations.

You can still personalize these floors with your choice of natural wood species, a perfect stain color, and a beautiful finish to create the décor-matching appearance you want and need. Install them in a herringbone or chevron pattern for an even more appealing design, especially in more formal areas.

An excellent finish not only looks good on these floors but can also add another layer of protection against daily wear. Finishes such as vintage or distressed can often hide scratches and scuffs, leaving you with better-looking floors for years to come.

You’ll find excellent engineered wood floors here

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