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What is “carpet pile”?

As you shop for perfect carpet floors, a term you are likely to hear quite frequently is "carpet pile." But if you are like many homeowners, that term might be a bit foreign to you, so that we will tell you about it in detail in today's post.

Carpet pile is an important fact to know

In the most general terms, carpet pile speaks to the loops and density in a piece of carpeting. Some carpets are known as "low pile," which means the loops are tighter and the fiber shorter, while “deep” or “high” pile offers longer, looser fibers for an entirely different experience.

Low pile carpet is a better choice for homeowners who suffer from respiratory issues, including allergies, because the flooring is easier to clean. In addition, allergens, dirt, debris, and pet dander are easier to lift out and remove, leaving you with cleaner air quality, as a few of these contaminants are released into the air as you walk across the floors.

High pile carpet provides an elegance that works exceptionally well in areas with lower traffic, especially bedrooms and studies. In addition, it shows no footprints and can be covered with an area rug or runner if you prefer additional protection in spaces where you will walk.

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