Carpet in Westland, MI from Avita Carpet & Flooring

Tips for choosing the perfect carpet

When it comes to choosing the perfect carpet flooring, most of us go right to style. We agonize over pile height, color, texture (plush or no plush!) but often pay little or no attention to some of the other qualities that may or may not align with our lifestyle and needs. That affects performance and longevity. Feel free to come to us with any questions when shopping for carpet in Canton, MI.

Explore your lifestyle

These are questions you must answer before you even start shopping, as they will help you determine the best rug for your needs, such as extra durability or stain resistance needs. Is your family small or large with kids, babies, and pets? Is the room where it is to be installed large or small, sunny or dark, busy or quiet?

Natural or synthetic fibers?

While both are just as good, it will ultimately come down to how much you value specific characteristics. Plants and animal fur are made into natural fibers, and wool is the most common. Man-made ones tend to be a little more resistant to stains. Depending on style and quality grade, they can also be soft and plush. The four most common are nylon, polyester, olefin, and triexta. Be sure you get detailed explanations of each.

Two more things to consider:

  • Padding. We can't see it, but it plays a significant role in both the carpet floors' appearance and performance. Without padding, the rug will sit right on the subfloor with no protection from foot traffic or the subfloor's imperfections and debris.
  • Samples. They should be seen in your home with your lighting and furnishings. Showroom, lightbox, and even outdoor lighting is always different from yours.

We have a large inventory and provide services, such as expert hardwood installation and carpet binding. Come into the Avita Carpet & Flooring showroom in Westland, MI, especially if you live in Westland, Wayne, Livonia, Taylor, Romulus, Canton, Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, Garden City, and Inkster. We also provide free quotes. You can trust us with your carpet flooring project.